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[accordion titles=”Where does this discount offer come from?/n/Is this offer official?/n/How long will this offer last?/n/Will I get all the bonuses?/n/What if I have a question with my purchase?/n/What is ‘ClickBank’?/n/Is this product available in hard copy?/n/What software do I need to read an eBook?/n/Is any special hardware needed to read an eBook?/n/Can I pay by money order or check?” contents=”Aside from the standard offers shown on the sales page, sometimes vendors of various products also offer special discounts to the subscribers on their mailing lists, their regular customers, etc. We managed to snatch the links to these discount offers and put them together on Discountra. The offer may or may not last long due to its nature./n/Absolutely. We will never promote piracy or make up offers in any shape or form. We only link to the discount offer released (often privately) by the official product vendor. As the result, the official product vendor is obliged to help with any question you could have about the product purchased via this offer./n/This is completely up to the vendor of the respective product. Sometimes they pull out the discount offer in just a couple days, but other times it could last longer. If you find a offer that’s no longer working, please contact us and we will remove it from the site as soon as possible./n/Sure. The only difference between the main offer on the sales page and this discount offer is the price./n/Contact the support via the information provided on the product’s official website. Usually the official support would love to help and sort the issue out. In addition, you can also contact ClickBank if you have a question regarding the transaction or product delivery. Moreover, you can get in touch with us via our contact form./n/The product’s appointed secured transation and digital delivery parntner, ClickBank, is one of the largest and most trusted retail outlets online. On average, ClickBank processes over 30,000 online payments a day through their servers, and they are equipped with the most advanced security technology for order processing. They will handle all the transactions between the product vendors and you to ensure the checkout process will go smoothly, and keep your payment information all safe./n/Most of the offers are in digital format only, which is eco-friendly and permits instant access. In case you really need a hard copy, printing it out is always a viable option./n/Every eBook be downloaded to your computer, or mobile device. Each format (PDF, ePub, and mobi/prc) has many free options for allowing you to read on your device. To read a PDF, you can download the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. To read an ePub or mobi, you can download the latest version of the free FBReader./n/No special equipment is required. Almost any computer with an Internet connection can be used. You have the option of also using an eReader, tablet, or other mobile device to read your eBook./n/Unfortunately, ClickBank doesn’t support money order or check as of now.”][/accordion]

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